Newton Says No is dedicated to halting the start of NA3 by any means necessary.

We do not encourage you to ‘comment’ on the Local Plan via the Teignbridge planning portal, because all they will do is nod politely, thank you for your comment and then ignore you. They have ignored every objection up to this point and it’s frankly hopeless playing this game within the parameters that the Council has established, those being “It’s getting built, we might move a lamp post here or there to show willing”.


What we need at this point is to disprove the glib assumption of Christophers and Clemens that there is ‘no notable objection’ to this appalling plan.

SIGN THE PETITION: TDC keeps claiming that there is 'no real objection' to its local plan. This is largely because every time it alters the plan the objections reset to zero. We need a permanent record of local objection that they cannot dispute. After two months we are nearly at 5000 signatures. Please spread the word. WE NEED YOUR HELP!


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DISPLAY YOUR OBJECTION by leafleting or displaying a poster. or a bumper sticker.


Bumper stickers can be requested here.

Posters are made by individual members according to their own creative impulses, as flyposting isn't something we don't not negatively endorse. Which is to say we do not positively want to dissuade people from not not doing it, if they have to. Which they probably do. Anyway here are some creations from others. Please DO send us yours so we can add to this lovely Take Heart gallery. In fact we have a competition on right now where you can win tickets to see that German bloke Henning Wehn. Comp and poster submission rules here.

Below are some of the posters our friends have made. If you're not comfortable putting up a poster in your window that shows, for example,  Cllr Humphrey Clemens excreting concrete from a bulldozer, then PLEASE make something much better and far less puerile and send it in to us. We'd be REALLY grateful. Otherwise click on and print off the pix below. Click, then click on the opened image, then RIGHT click and press 'save page as'. ... and it's yours to treasure!


If you have any thoughts on the Council or the campaign, please share them below! Please be respectful (to one another, not necessarily the Council).