This article is written more for posterity than news value, since anyone who cares will know by now. But Newton Says No won council places for three of its four candidates for the May 2 elections.

The day's first piece of good news came before we could even reach the ra...

Wouldn’t it be ridiculous – like something from Kafka or Colombia or Mexico – if the powers that be allowed small independent candidates to campaign within their allotted ward boundaries and then – at midnight just before the day of the vote – changed those boundaries,...

The police attache to the electoral commission has told the NSN Independent candidates that there isn't any action that can be taken on a leaflet posted to hundreds of homes bearing the image of a Newton Says No poster on one side and text purporting to be from Ukip on...

A suspect has admitted to police that they stole banners belonging to Newton Says No independent candidates. The large foamex banners were taken from front gardens on Saturday morning.

Photographic evidence and eye witness accounts tied the suspect and their car to the...

April 28, 2019

At about 11.50 on Saturday morning, most of the election banners along Coach Road and at Ogwell Roundabout were stolen in an organised attack.

We can't say anymore about it because police are involved. A car travelled between the gardens where the banners were placed an...

April 24, 2019

The district election just got dirty.

A leaflet with a well-known NA3 picture on one side (and our website) and some Ukip twattery on the other has been posted in letterboxes in College Ward.

We are investigating whether Ukip is behind it or whether it's the work of...

RICHARD DAWS (AMBROOK) Even if you have never voted in a local election, vote in this one. Its significance will be felt for generations. Six months ago we cut through with NEWTON SAYS NO. Scrap the flawed Local Plan. Save the beautiful countryside that separates Newto...

April 9, 2019

Shocking news! Anne Marie Morris, the unpredictable (and possibly unhinged) Tory MP for Newton Abbot has mentioned NA3. And her opinion of it isn't good.

Those familiar with Ms Morris's 'View From Westminster' in the Mid Devon Advertiser will know that it's about 17 par...

The battle lines have been drawn. Four members of Newton Says No will fight to take over this catastrophic council that, for the past decade, has been the source of our problems rather than the remedy.

With your support we can get enough like-minded people into the cham...

This Tuesday, March 26, sees the start of an appeal by PCL Planning and the Rews against non-determination for planning approval. What this basically means is that, should this suceed, there will be very little between Wolborough Hill's green and pleasant land and the...

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It's Official: These Houses Are Not For Locals

October 14, 2018

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