It's Official: These Houses Are Not For Locals


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It will come as no surprise to the people of Newton Abbot, who have asked Humphrey Clemens time and again just WHO he expects to live in the 12,000+ new-build houses he plans to smear across our countryside, but now it's irrefutable. A whopping 60% of them witll be people not from these parts, but from the rest of Britain.


It blows a hole right through Teignbridge Council's insistence that it is simply 'fulfilling local housing need'. TDC has insisted, over and over again, that they are building no more than the future required. Clemens blithely sighed that 'unfortunately' we had a 'growing population, which none of us can do anything about'. At the Buckland consultation one of his toadies admitted that it wouldn't be 'entirely' local (and he had stretched 'local' to mean 'from the South West') but said that it would be 80% sort-of local. We have always known that these are blatant lies.


Either that, or they have been misinformed all this time. So what is it, Humphrey? Are you misinformed, or are you a liar? Or are you going to stick to this 'local housing need' fantasy that insults our intelligence and put your pronouncements beyond contempt?


Now research shows that massive housebuilding in Devon does nothing but suck people in from other areas and transplant them in a place where they have no sense of belonging. People who would prefer the Government to build where their roots are, where the nned actually exists, in houses that are ACTUALLY affordable and not jacked up by as much as 25% on a help-to-buy con trick organised in connivance with greedy developers.


Read it, share it, copy it and send it in triplicate to Old Fraud House!




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It's Official: These Houses Are Not For Locals

October 14, 2018

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