Langford Bridge: Filling in the Last Green Bits of NA


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London-based development firm CEG has made its intentions clearer on the one bit of land left out of the original 'carpet of concrete' that is to extend from Newton Abbot to Abbotskerswell.


Apparently it is to be another 450-home 'village' that will sit next to all the other 'villages' of the NA3 masterplan, which will cosy up alongside the 'village' of Wolborough Barton in NA1 and whatever other 'villages' they squeeze into NA2. What a wonderful word 'village' is. There seems to be no suggestion that throwing up sixteen of them, all right next to each other, will make our town anything but really lovely and really, really, villagey.


Also, for some reason, the 'artist's impression' doesn't show the new houses underwater, despite the fact that some of the land in the zoned area, close to Aller Brook, has been prone to flooding. 


Jackie Swain from CEG told the Mid Devon Advertiser that this development was exactly what the local 'community' (ahhh community! who can argue with anything that has the word 'community' in it?) has been looking for, despite the fact that Jackie Swain lives in London and the only members of the community she has met (if indeed she was there) would be the angry hordes of community that beset the firm/Teignbridge District Council's 'consultation' (read 'mass fob-off') at Buckland FC on the night of Friday October 29.


Is there anything left that TDC DOESN'T intend to build on? Do we REALLY need Forde and Courtenay Parks? We could put another lovely 'village' on top of them!


For the MDA story in pdf format see here

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October 14, 2018

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