TDC's 'shut up' to parish councillors


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Teignbridge District Council has decided that Parish Councillors must only speak 'if spoken to' on site visits and in planning meetings, following a spate of people saying things TDC doesn't want the public to hear.


Presented to journalists at Devon Live / Torbay Express as a way to keep things 'chatty' and 'agreable', the move is in fact a reflection of th efact that parish councillors tend to care about the future of their area, because they live there. This clashes with the interests of district councillors, who don't live there and don't care about anything but their blueprints.


Cllr Sylvia Russell said that the stakes are "getting high", adding "We can leave ourselves open to a judicial review and to the standards board" if someone says "something offhand".


Allow us to translate this for you.  sIf, let's say, the council were showing, oh I dunno, Trovit Homes a lovely patch of field saying 'We could build 2000 shitty cardboard-box houses here' and a parish councillor were to say 'Yes but we're on a flood plain' and you may be sued, that could f**k the whole thing up for people who really, really want to build things and collect developers' money.


This story is NOT a reflection on the atmosphere at Old Fraud House or grist to the mill of all the stories about the 'toxic' working atmosphere there. It's not at ALL ironic that one of the people pushing for 'fairness' on this issue is Phil Bullivant who has now been barred, blackballed and silenced for criticising the St Leonard's church scheme is purely coincidental.


It's all very much business as normal.



For story (it's badly written but you'll get the gist) HERE

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