Council Doesn't Do Stupid Thing, Expects Credit


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Teignbridge Council leader Jeremy Christophers seemed to expect praise and adulation from the public this week when he proudly announced that a horrific plan to build a road through Baker's Park won't be happening - because there WILL be a similarly monstrous road between Newton Abbot and Abbotskerswell as part of the hated NA3 project.


It is fairly typical of Teignbridge Borough Council's abusive relationship with its subjects to announce that the destruction of a much-loved public asset is 'on the drawing board', so that it can get people worried. It will then later remove the threat and push some other horror through on the tide of public relief. Journalists on local papers - particularly the work-experience toddlers who reprint council press Releases at Devon Live/Torbay Herald - don't always see through the deception. We were glad to see the 'But another will join Ogwell and A380' caveat on the Mid Devon Advertiser story.


Dozens of people we've spoken to seem to think that the NA3 project is so horrific it's surely just a bargaining chip; the Council will take it off the table to get NA1 and NA2 through. Sadly nothing that politically wiley seems to be happening. NA3 really is a straightforward destruction of a piece of beloved local heritage, carried out with all the subtlety of a maniac exposing himself outside Costa.


So don't be fooled by the 'gift' of not having to lose a piece of public land, bequeathed to all of us in perpetuity and attached to a National Trust property. They intend to make us all pay ten times the price of this in noise, pollution and the loss of our market-town identity.


Tell TDC to stick its press releases, and its false Christmas presents, up its fat pernicious arse.


Keep saying NO.


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