Council Leader Smears NHS: 'They're Trying it On', He Says


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Council Leader Jeremy Christophers has accused NHS leaders of 'trying it on' and 'trying to get a million quid off us'. The astonishing accusation was made when NHS chiefs based at Torbay told the council that its plans to build up to 1,500 houses on the western side of town were courting disaster if they were built without appropriate medical provision.


In his conversation with the Mid Devon Advertiser, Christophers makes no attempt to allay fears but simply repeats 'They won't stop the development'. 


It appears that Teignbridge District Council is now so utterly divorced from societal norms that it is prepared to accuse those with the job of ensuring adequate health provision of running a scam. Christophers and his kind no longer see our valued doctors and nurses as people whose opinions might be worth accounting for; they just see enemies everywhere: trying to take 'their' money; trying to put off 'their' developer friends and spoil 'their' lunatic plans.


We at Newton Says No are proud to count the NHS as an ally as, together with the thousands of reasonable and exasperated people of Newton Abbot who have already voiced support for us, we tighten the screws on TDC.


Seriously, 2019 will not be a comfortable year for this cluster of self-serving snotrags. We will see to that.


The full story is here

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