Hannah's 'Next to Be Swallowed'


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The Dame Hannah Rogers Trust, the charity that runs Hannah's at Seale-Hayne, has announced that it no longer has the funds to support the institute at Newton Abbot, which enriches the lives of more than 800 people with disabilities and their families, through employment and training and through the arts.


The site, which sits adjacent to two chunks of the council's ill-judged Houghton Barton housing plan, now looks likely to be swallowed the next time the council meets to carve up the countryside.


A town-hall employee sympathetic to NSN told us "Based on where it is, and the fact that the approved development around it will make it less attractive to buyers, it would seem to be a prime target for a council hungry for land.


"The building's Grade II listing is unlikely to put them off. There are ways and means, especially if the site is not maintained and starts to degrade."


Apart from adding to the concrete horror enveloping us, we have to ask why this charity, a great boon to the town and sorely needed in our cash-strapped society, was allowed to get into such straits. Each councillor is gifted £5000 to give away to a local cause. Did any of them help keep the vultures away from Hannah's, or is that a silly question?


The report in the Herald Express is here 

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