Huge Public Support For NSN Stall


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The Newton Abbot Christmas Market on December 19 was enlivened by the Newton Says No Stall, where campaigners were handing out leaflets, talking to the public, showing them the much-viewed YouTube protest film and giving them a belated chance to see the sold-out fundraising show with Henning Wehn in February.


In the space of a few hours we had one great truth reitterated time and again by those who stopped to chat: people are angry, they hate this council and they are desperate to stop them pushing ahead with plans they fercely oppose. All night long we got nothing but support when suddenly we were assailed by two women telling us the stuff on our leaflet is 'all lies' (it isn't. You can check off each point we make against the news stories we keep in our archive). When pressed on it they admitted that they were councillors' wives, and they eventually became so aggressive that in the end a market warden had to be called.


Well, no worries. All part of what we expect in standing up to a rotten borough of bullies afflicted with a group narcissistic personality disorder.


We'll be back!

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