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Hot off the press is this tantalising bit of sticky-backed gloss paper that looks good in your window, on a lamppost, on a horrified surveyors' report... absolutely anywhere, so long as a councillor sees it and feels cross.


It combines the very latest in militant sloganeering with the absolute cutting edge of gummy paper and the apotheosis of very basic photoshop. It includes the NSN flag, which is a combination of the Devon flag with the flag of eco-syndicalism.


While this sticker will no doubt be turning up in all sorts of places as our 'noisy minority' (of thousands) distributes it, it looks super-good on the back of a car. Especially a car that's just in front of Jeremy Christophers' white Maserati, driving very slowly on a congested single-track country lane that might have been widened slightly to cope with a nearby housing development (if only there were funds).


Here it is on one of our cars. But this sticker also looks good on cars that don't have moss growing on the windows and they can be applied level with the horizon if you prefer.


If you would like a sticker for YOUR car, just write (giving your address) and we will send you one. batty@newtonsaysno.co.uk


(Needless to say we will not do anything untoward with your details. We will simply look at and admire them.)


UPDATE: The takeup so far has been amazing and we are busy stuffing envelopes. Some people have asked if they can help out with postage costs. Yes you can! Please click here. You can ignore the pledge boxes and just put a pound or whatever in 'other amount'. Thank you!

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