PCL Pulls Its People Off (the website)


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Fnarr! But seriously: Town planning bullies PCL Planning have removed all mention of their staff from the corporate website, despite taking a lot of trouble to have them all moodily photographed last year. Checks on cached pages suggest it was done sometime in the past 10 days, most likely following the riotous council meeting of January 14, 2019.


PCL are the company acting in the interest of the landowner (Anthony Rew) to map out the obliteration of the Wolborough Hills. When Teignbridge Council attempted to adapt the plans in time for the DPD Meeting on January 14, a letter was sent to the council's Delivery Officer Fergus Pate threatening to take the Council to court. The letter shows a certain panic setting in at PCL as Teignbridge bureaucrats tried to adapt an unworkable plan into an illegal one. It is clear that PCL is aware of how deeply unpopular this plan is, and how vulnerable to legal challenge.


In accordance with PCL's usual level of moral courage, the letter was unsigned but is believed to have been written by Managing Director David Seaton.




Now, it seems, PCL are seeking further levels of anonymity as public outrage grows. PCL representatives were seen at the council meeting of January 14 when the chamber was cleared of protesters and the sheer level of public anger became obvious to anyone with a face (whether online or not).


No luck chaps. Let the whole world know what a bullying nest of vipers you are, and let it always be a matter of record, if this nightmare ever comes to pass; if the Wolborough Hills are destroyed, the Fen polluted, the bats wiped out and the Decoy Woods left without birdlife or fauna, that it was YOU that perpetrated this act of desecration. Every last contemplatively-posed, artily-snapped black-and-white one of you.

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