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Much has been made in the local press about the Star Wars model peering over the A38 near Ashburton. Apparently there has been a 'battle' with the council to get the thing taken down because it was put there without planning permission.


Paul Parker, who built it, seemed like a natural ally of Newton Says No on the battlefield of Council heavy-handedness and intransigence. But all attempts to contact Mr Parker on Facebook were ignored. Still, we thought 'A Star Wars walker... cool!'


But dig a little deeper. It turns out that Mr Parker sat on Ashburton Parish Council even as the walker was erected. It seems he and Jeremy Christophers at least know each other (this is where Christophers lives and where almost ALL development, even 25 houses on a brownfield site, have been batted away to prevent 'urban sprawl'.) And though the council 'asked' for the Walker to come down, or so it says, nobody has seen any paper to this effect.


Our source tells us that it's an open secret in Ashburton that the 'battle' with the Council was nothing of the sort. There was a longer game in play.


Today, on Feb 5, the Council released last-minute details of its plan to obtain Outline Planning Permission for NA3, disregarding the two-year consultation it had promised to set up and pay for. It is a complete betrayal of Newton Abbot and of local democracy.


At the exact same time, TDC released a story that it had 'repreived' the Star Wars walker. Your lovely Council has determined that it can stay. The BBC and everyone else has run with the Star Wars walker story, ignoring the appalling story that WE are all facing. That's just what they wanted. And the whole thing stinks like the toilets of the Mos Eisley cantina.


Here's Mr Parker thanking the very people responsible for NA3, along with Charlie Dennis, who was busy playing solitaire the last time th eissue was discussed in chamber:



Destruction and distraction. But should we expect anything but galling cynicism from a council that treats us all like idiot children?"Yes we are screwing you over completeley but LOOK! LOOK EVERYONE!! Here's a Star Wars thing! You like Star Wars, don't you?? Yayyy!!!"


Angry enough yet? 

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