Planners and TDC Push For Total Destruction


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Teignbridge District Council has abandoned all pretence of serving democracy by putting Outline Planning Permission for NA3 on its meeting agenda at the last minute.


Planning Permission - the last major obstacle to pouring concrete all over our hills - will now be voted on a week today (Tuesday Feb 12). It has been mapped out behind closed doors and put on the agenda at the last possible minute.


Annoyed by the strength of the opposition to NA3 and concerned that such fripperies as public consultation, due diligence and all the other 'guidelines' they wrote for themselves and never follow, the Executive is going for broke. Chief clunking fist and biscuit-eater Simon Thornley (below) has decided to push the whole thing through at the next meeting, despite the Council recently allocating £210,000 to conduct a two-year survey of the area.



This has been made possible in part by the capitulation of Natural England, who now say they are content to 'monitor' the degredation of Wolborough Fen as development goes on rather than oppose it. Also various members of the Dark Alliance seem to have reached agreement on things they disputed until now, such as the PCL Plan drawn up for the Rew family being different to the one the Council actually wants.


The Council now seems happy to push any atrocity through the system before it has to face the voters on May 2.


Paul Evemy of Wolborough Residents Association, which has been campaigning against the destruction of Wolborough Hills for a decade, says: "All of this has been done behind closed doors and we have been presented with a fait accompli at the eleventh hour."


Paul points out that there is NO provision in the outline planning for the endangered Greater Horseshoe Bat.


If anyone was in any doubt about the Council's attitude to Newton Abbot and the people who live here, this should at least clear that up.


Tomorrow the Council's Democratic Services team is holding an 'induction' session that tells prospective councillors how they should behave. It will stress the seven Nolan Principles of public life: Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership. 


Look at these words, and look at our Executive. They are truly beneath the deepest reaches of contempt. 



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