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Newton Says Nein with Henning Wehn was a great success, so thanks to all those who helped organise it - staff the bar, patrol the car park and stack the chairs. and of course all those who bought tickets.


It was a fundraiser for the struggles to come, and we actually managed to raise some funds with a great night of German jolliness and a bit of rabble rousing ("Not sure how I feel about all this disrespect for authority" mused Henning at one point.) But the 200 V-signs to Jeremy Christophers was a special moment.


We were all reeling a little from Simon Thornley's latest toxic thought-fart - this one being that he should try to ram outline planning permission for NA3 through with one week's notice, totally disregarding the £210K DPD enquiry and any environmental issues. 


So it was a good chance to remind people to flood the chamber at Old Fraud House on Tuesday and make your feelings known. It's not just a bad plan anymore, it's a bad plan rushed through by an executive in a state of panic.


Also, now's a good time to tell you that our next event is Dr Phil Hammond, the NHS maverick who will spill the beans - hilariously - about the REAL health agenda being pursued by the Government. A perfect risposte to Jeremy's recent claim that the NHS was 'trying it on' by saying 1,800 new houses would need health provision.


It's on Saturday April 27 and tickets go on sale HERE at 10am on Tuesday, Feb 12 (while we're watching the latest planning disaster unfold).







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