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The worst members of our council are trying to push through outline planning which would be a BIG nail in the coffin of Wolborough Hills. They want to get their plans for NA3 signed, sealed and delivered before anyone can raise any more questions. WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP. Please write and urge your councillors to vote NO on Tuesday.  PLEASE READ ON:



Despite agreeing to a 2-Year DPD costing an additional £210K of taxpayers’ money, TDC is now attempting to push through, with one week’s notice, an outline planning permission for NA3. This goes to a Special Planning Committee at 10am, Tuesday 12th February.


The councillors listed below are invited to this special planning meeting, and as YOUR elected representatives, you may wish to communicate your thoughts to them. You might wish to remind them that there are local elections coming up in May and include your name/address validate your email.


We all hate the idea of NA3, but we have to object on the basis of material planning considerations. TDC will simply ignore any attempt to object to the principle of NA3 on this occasion. SO…. you might like to use the following points as the basis of your comments to the councillors.


1) - The NHS, Natural England, Historic England, Devon County Council and 350 residents all still have unresolved objections to this planning application. No significant new evidence has been presented since the last time this application was not determined. Therefore, the developer should wait until the DPD has been prepared, and then re-apply.


2) - P.10 clause 3.18 of the application states that a landscape and design-led masterplan is the first requirement of NA3. The recently initiated DPD (Development Plan Document) will take 2 years to complete. Any application submitted before this document has been consulted on and adopted is premature and should be refused.


3) - P. 14 clause 3.47, the council admits that it cannot be certain beyond reasonable scientific doubt that the application will not adversely affect the integrity of the South Hams SAC. This is contrary to the express wording of the 2014 judicial review judgement. Until further survey work has been completed, the application should be refused.


4) - P. 19 clause 3.61, the council admits that they cannot deliver the link road between the A380 and the A381 because of land ownership issues. Again, this is a key requirement of policy NA3. The current proposal, to put in a small estate spine road terminating at the single-lane traffic lights at Langford bridge will do nothing to alleviate the traffic issues in Newton Abbot, so should be refused.


5) - P.20 clause 3.71, The applicant has worked pro-actively with the council. No – the letter from PCL Planning to Fergus Pate at TDC dated 03.12.18 was not pro-active. It was threatening and intimidatory.

In summary, any objections probably need to be based on concerns around the environment (bats and Wolborough Fen), infrastructure (roads and NHS) and heritage (setting of St. Mary’s Church).

There is also still time to directly comment on the application on the planning portal up until 1pm tomorrow, 8th Feb.


Thanks for your help and hope to see you on Tuesday morning at Forde House at 9:30 am.





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