A Note For Councillors and Supporters



We have heard from some members of the planning committee that they have received ‘threatening’ emails in conjunction with the vote on Tuesday. Clearly this is worrying if true.


Newton Says No has not sent any threatening emails and does not condone threat, implicit or implied. Apart from being against the law it is contrary to everything we are trying to achieve in building a coalition of reasonable people.


If any councillor has received a threatening communication we would urge them to send it on to us at batty@newtonsaysno.co.uk If it is anyone known to us then we will take steps to distance ourselves from them. If it has been sent anonymously then we will check the IP address against a list of known supporters. In any event, we won’t be associating with them in future.


If however councillors have received emails that are not actually ‘threatening’ in the legal sense, then we would ask that they stop using this term. It is not to be used lightly and yet seems to be cropping up when councillors have actually received ‘criticism’ or letters from people who are just cross, or have asked them to do their job a bit better. A large article in the Mid Devon Advertiser today accused NSN of 'threats' and said people were feeling 'threatened' without any explanation of what this threat was, or who made it.


A threat is not a nebulous thing. It is not a matter of perspective or interpretation. If an actual threat has been made it will be quite clear. Can we see what it is please, if this claim of 'threats' it is not just an irresponsible use of language?


Sending a threatening electronic communication is a clear breach of the law, and we would urge anyone receiving such a communication, from anyone at all, to contact the police. As we always have.


To any of our supporters (or those just reading this) who are thinking of emailing their councillor about the vote on Tuesday who hasn't yet, please DO. It's an exercise in democracy. Our list of councillors is HERE.


Please be polite, concise and stick to the point. Remember, some of them are trying to bend this stupidity the right way and some of them do, occasionally, respond to good points well made. We'll achieve more with reason than ranting.


xx Timid Toad

NSN Central Committee

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