Lack of Abuse Leaves Mikes Puzzled


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Well here's a thing. Having been called threatening and abusive, and told that our turning up at council meetings produces 'the ugliest scenes we've seen in 25 years', we're now being castigated for NOT turning up to council meetings.


'Independent' councillor Mike Hocking (and please DO read into our use of ironic apostrophe) says he was 'puzzled' that NSN didn't turn out to protest the planning application for building of homes at Bradley Barton. 'Independent' Mike Ryan claims that this, too, will be part of NA3 and that we're not interested in that bit because it's slightly further away from where many in NSN live.


For one thing this planning meeting was rostered in secret and in a hurry. In fact it was added the day the last planning meeting ended in a pointless 13-0 defeat for the planners.


Secondly, the thing being discussed was not NA3, with which NSN is primarily concerned. There IS yet another addition to NA3 coming up for 'debate', concerning Farmer Rew's latest development at Langford Bridge. But THIS one, the one we missed, was in fact Bradley Barton NA6. So sorry, but we have to ask... is Mike Ryan completely confused about the Local Plan, and the geography of Newton Abbot in general, or is he just bare-faced lying about what this meeting was about?


We sympathise and support those in the path of NA6. We understood that Jackie Hook was going to get the thing adjourned if possible. We're glad she did. We followed it closely but couldn't attend because the council sets these agendas with the least possible notice to make it as difficult as possible for the public to attend. On this occasion the council succeeded.


We're hoping there will be a group forming at Bradley Barton soon and when it does, we will give it all the ammunition we can spare. Some time ago, members of the Wolborough Residents Association attended a protest meeting at Highweek Village Hall, where they advised the residents on setting up their own protest group. And who should be there but Councillor Mike Hocking, who had turned up to tell everyone: "It's in the plan, so forget it!"


For now though, let us just say this: 'Independent' Mike 1, we know you're annoyed at us because we called your partner Carol Bunday useless and said you were a smelly sock from the spare mayor cupboard. But somehow you got elected so you need to be a bit more grown up about this. Maybe yell at us from your car on the way to Old Fraud House, or ... I don't know, try and beat us in the election in May? As for you, 'Independent' Mike 2: You shouldn't have to lie to local newspapers. Things can't be that desperate. Or maybe they are?


May is coming. Tick tock.


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