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Make Your Presence Felt on Tuesday!




This Tuesday, March 26, sees the start of an appeal by PCL Planning and the Rews against non-determination for planning approval. What this basically means is that, should this suceed, there will be very little between Wolborough Hill's green and pleasant land and the bulldozers.


We've been here before of course - there was a clone of this appeal in February that was such a 'basket case' even the Teignbridge Executive didn't support it. But this is the big one. The hearing is expected to last four days and it could be six months before a decision is delivered!


We DON'T expect anyone to occupy Old Fraud House car park for six months. Or even four days. But if we can get as many objectors out for 9am on Tuesday that would be brilliant. We need to make a statement of our feelings towards the likes of PCL and the council that has permitted them to plan the ruination of our landscape.


PCL have proved to be as shy and fragile about publicity as they've been brutal and uncompromising in their attempts to strongarm the council, so a few banners pouring ire on them wouldn't go amiss. We want their reputation for bullying and vileness to be apparent in any Google search of this company.


Christophers, Clemens and Bullivant are still sticking doggedly to the script on NA3, even while their colleagues are starting to backpedal. This is our chance to hold them to account in front of BBC Devon and the local press. This is a story with national ramifications - the scale of development is unprecedented -  and shines a light on a council that has tried VERY hard do 'democracy' in the dark. So be there if you can,




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