... And Now Even Anne Marie Morris Thinks NA3 is Wrong


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Shocking news! Anne Marie Morris, the unpredictable (and possibly unhinged) Tory MP for Newton Abbot has mentioned NA3. And her opinion of it isn't good.


Those familiar with Ms Morris's 'View From Westminster' in the Mid Devon Advertiser will know that it's about 17 paragraphs of droning waffle about the interminable, erm, woodpile of Brexit and what Mrs May may or may not do next, as if Mrs May is still talking to AMM anymore after her latest dolchstoss.


However, this Friday revealed - for those still reading it - something quite miraculous. And I quote:


"Teignbridge Matters... Undoubtedly, the current planning situation at Wolborough, known as 'NA3', is causing a number of concerns for residents in the area. I absolutely share the concerns raised regarding the impact on local wildlife and it is imperative that these concerns are addressed in a thorough manner.


"Last week, a planning inspector heard evidence from a range of stakeholders including Teignbridge Council, local residents and the developer. This will continue in June. Fundamentally the current planning laws are not fit for purpose and the number of houses required in the Local Plans are questionable. Local authorities need to have the ability to designate what types of housing are being built, in order to ensure that the housing needs of the local community are met. This should be balanced with the protection of local wildlife and natural spaces."


We know where this has come from. The Conservatives have flooded the Teignbridge wards with parachuted candidates to try and keep their tenuous grip on power at Old Fraud House. Wards such as College and Bushell, previously devoid of Tory attention, now have rosy faced, blue rosetters sniffing around. And they've been told, pretty much comprehensively, to piss off. Because of NA3.


So they've gone to AMM with their concerns, and La Capitana has done some hurried homework on the place she's supposed to represent and the funny little people who live there. And she's decided to close this nonsense down. Don't be surprised if the Tories on your doorstep are now pretending they find it awful too, and that the horrid Mr Christophers is nothing to do with them.


Or perhaps it's that Newton Says No's own Richard Daws had a word with AMM just before Christmas. Could it be... is it possible... that she... LISTENED to one of her constituents? Oh joy unbound!


Whatever the reason, we can only assume that Jeremy C feels like a prize knob right now. This was his attempt to win a Good Boy badge for having the first local plan in the UK set in concrete. And now he's been told Must Try Harder by his own headmistress. He must feel AWFUL.


Where does this leave NA3? Doubtless Christophers, Clemens and Bullivant will wait for AMM to go back to sleep and then carry on chasing it like knackered greyhounds after a fake rabbit. If any of them are still in the job after May 2.


But poor old J-Christ. What a blow. He probably won't even show his face in the chamber after this. Well, we can dream...   



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