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RICHARD DAWS (AMBROOK) Even if you have never voted in a local election, vote in this one. Its significance will be felt for generations. Six months ago we cut through with NEWTON SAYS NO. Scrap the flawed Local Plan. Save the beautiful countryside that separates Newton Abbot from Ambrook. Stop development without infrastructure. Wrong houses, wrong location. We know how the council has failed Teignbridge.


The impact of NA3 on Ambrook is direct, 2500 new residents within a few 100 meters. Pressure on transport, healthcare and education infrastructure. More illegal pollution levels and environmental vandalism. I lived in deepest Ambrook from 2010 and Newton Abbot more recently. I understand the link between the villages and town. I’ll will bring my business, media and community project experience to the chamber -


Vote for change. Adrian Patch (Haytor) and NSN Independent candidates myself (Ambrook), Janet Bradford, Liam Mullone (College) and Kirk Field (Bushell).


KIRK FIELD (BUSHELL):  Globally, nationally and locally we are faced with a choice. The environment is not a commodity to sell off. Fields, trees and natural habitat are precious. For too long those who we’ve trusted to safeguard them have let us down. Newton Abbot has been particularly blighted by bad planning decisions and a self-serving, out-of-touch council who treat our countryside as a commodity and the impact on our quality of life as collateral damage.


A fresh perspective is needed. The way to improve Bakers Park isn’t chopping down trees and making the car park 300% bigger! The solution to social problems in the town centre isn’t simply more Police; these are lazy, out-dated reactions. Community-orientated consultation and engagement is the way forward.


A vote for myself and my NSN/Independent colleagues; Janet Bradford, Liam Mullone (College), Richard Daws (Ambrook) is more than a protest vote – it’s a vote for conservation, for change.

JANET BRADFORD (COLLEGE): I joined NEWTON SAYS NO because I could not believe that anyone in their right mind would voluntarily concrete over the beautiful rolling hills of Wolborough. There are some things that you know are just wrong..........and this is one of them! I have lived in Newton Abbot all of my life and I find it hard to fathom how anyone could possibly justify the abomination of the beautiful countryside around our town, let alone a council that should be working to serve its constituents in the best way it can.


Unfortunately through these short-sighted, mindless acts of vandalism Newton Abbot and the surrounding area has lost field upon field, hedgerow upon hedgerow, birds, wildlife and even a golf course. Enough is enough! The planet is crying out for a change, so let's start a change in Newton Abbot. If you want a fresh, new approach, then vote for myself and Liam Mullone in College Ward, vote for Kirk Field in Bushell Ward and vote for Richard Daws in Ambrook. We can and we will say NO!!




LIAM MULLONE (COLLEGE): NEWTON SAYS NO. Say no with me. I won’t use my 150 words to bore you with a lot of politicking; I expect you’ve have had enough of that. The choice for College Ward is pretty clear by now: if you want your immediate environment wilfully destroyed then vote Conservative. If you want a lot of excuses and agreeable noises followed by the destruction of your environment anyway, then vote Liberal Democrat. Their inaction will as usual be sugared with statements like ‘Don’t blame me, I abstained’.


If you want people who will get their claws into this awful council and not let go until the Local Plan, and the mistreatment of our town, is ended forever, then vote for me and Janet Bradford. And in Bushell vote for Kirk Field; in Ambrook Richard Daws. All of us are members of Newton Says No and this fight is our life.


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It's Official: These Houses Are Not For Locals

October 14, 2018

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