Racist Dickhead Strikes Again (Probably)



The district election just got dirty.

A leaflet with a well-known NA3 picture on one side (and our website) and some Ukip twattery on the other has been posted in letterboxes in College Ward.

We are investigating whether Ukip is behind it or whether it's the work of some third party. The leaflet has some similarities to a racist flyer that was pushed through letterboxes two weeks ago, with text along the lines of 'Let's have more immigrants to replace the white race'. The leaflet was made to look as if it was from Labour.

We don't know who it's from. It may be Ukip riding our steam, or it may be an attempt to smear us AND Ukip by mashing us together. In any case it goes without saying, of course, that we don't endorse this leaflet or Ukip, or whoever is going around making this election dirty and confusing.

If anyone has seen this individual in the act, please let us know. Or better yet, tell the rozzers. You can call Dave Buckley on 01626 326442.  Meanwhile we will be getting advice from Democratic Services.


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October 14, 2018

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