Massive Theft of NSN Independent Banners



At about 11.50 on Saturday morning, most of the election banners along Coach Road and at Ogwell Roundabout were stolen in an organised attack.


We can't say anymore about it because police are involved. A car travelled between the gardens where the banners were placed and cut them down from fences and trees. Three seperate crimes have been logged with Devon and Cornwall police.


There can be little doubt that this attack derives from 'vested interests' terrified of the prospect of independent candidates who are absolutely opposed to the unwanted development at NA3 and elsewhere. We will find out exactly who.


There are strict limits on election spending and these banners represented a couple of hundred pounds' worth of candidate funds. Plus they take several days to make. But there's no law to say you can't make signs out of paint and cardboard and sharpie pens, so that's what we've done. We'll make a massive V-sign out of loo roll and point it at Old Fraud House if that's what it takes.


Someone's scared of the voters. Could it be because they've been ignoring and abusing them for years?



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October 14, 2018

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