Stolen Banner Thief Caught




A suspect has admitted to police that they stole banners belonging to Newton Says No independent candidates. The large foamex banners were taken from front gardens on Saturday morning.


Photographic evidence and eye witness accounts tied the suspect and their car to the scene. The individual admitted to taking the boards and to their connections with the Rews, the farming family pushing plans to build thousands of houses on the Wolborough Hills. We believe they were acting on the Rews' orders.


Three separate crimes had been logged, to which the perpetrator admitted to only one. But all six banners - four for Janet Bradford and Liam Mullone, and two for Richard Daws - were found dumped together in driveway. It is believed they were dumped soon after the police contacted them seeking an interview.


The thief told Devon and Cornwall Police that the theft was carried out 'on impulse', despite the fact that the boards were tightly fastened to trees or nailed to fences. They came with the equipment to remove six banners, that had taken a couple of hours to put up, in about 15 minutes. They also seemed to know exactly where they were.


Unsurprisingly the police are taking no further action as they regard the matter just as petty theft. The fact that a family with an immense pecuniary advantage at stake attempted to pervert the course of democracy seems to matter very little to them. Neither did the perpetrator have the decency to own up to the entire theft, and admitted the crime only when it became clear that they had been seen and identified. 

All six boards are undamaged, if a little smeared, and have now been reallocated... .🐮💩

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