Three out of Four for NSN



This article is written more for posterity than news value, since anyone who cares will know by now. But Newton Says No won council places for three of its four candidates for the May 2 elections.


The day's first piece of good news came before we could even reach the racecourse. Adrian Patch, a green-leaning independent and a friend of ours, had beaten Council leader Jeremy Christophers in Haytor. In fact, Christophers had come in third, shedding 80 per cent of his support. He was so pissed off at the count thathe didn't even stay for the announcement, and wouldn't answer his phone to journalists. Never mind Jezza, you got a nice car out of it.


NSN Independent Richard Daws was the front runner in Ambrook, where he managed a lead of more than 100 votes over the second appointee, Mary Colclough - herself an independent and long-term opponent of NA3. Her second-place showing behind Richard was the best result we could have hoped for.


Our own Kirk Field narrowly lost - by 35 points - to the second-placed Lib Dem, Robert Hayes. The scurrilous boundary changes enacted by TDC at midnight before th evote meant that dozens of people who had promised Kirk their vote were sucked into the ward of Buckland and Milber, which the Boundary Commission - for some f***ing reason - wants to make the size of Luton.  


NSN Independent Janet Bradford was the out and out winner in College Ward, a clear 150 votes above her running mate Liam Mullone. Yet he was more than 200 clear of the closest Lib Dem.

These results tell us, very clearly, that with more candidates to field, and more experience, Newton Says No could have won great swathes of local territory. While Gordon Hook made a speech about Lib Dem policies 'resonating' with voters, it seems clear to us that the Lib Dems have been, as always, a protest option for people who want to make a very understated protest in a time of Lab-Con paralysis and collapse in the Tory heartlands. Where there was a REAL protest option the yellows were severely challenged. Across the country strong, locally-focussed indies won out against red, blue AND yellow.


We'd hoped for a hung council, but at least yellow is better than blue when it comes to the future of Newton Abbot. At least Gordon actually cares about people. And we're pleased to report that Charlie 'Solitaire' Dennis and Humphrey 'Concrete' Clemens are both out. Sadly we're stuck with Chris Clarance and Phil Bulliboy.

But you can't have everything. Where would you put it? In 1,200 shit Persimmon homes? It'd go up in flames in a week...





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